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Freggie Fresh Ride 2019 Edition

In 2015, a group of courageous Fresh Riders, backed up by AMC and CPMA, conquered the trek from Toronto to Montreal, logging in an outstanding 700k bike ride under their belts. They brought fruits, vegetables and beloved mascot Freggie to meet with children in a kindergarten after-school program about the importance of eating their colours. The message was extremely well received, kids ate huge amounts of fruit and veggies with unprecedented glee!

A recent study published by the Canadian Journal of Dietetic Practice and Research revealed that 7 out of 10 children consumed less than the 5 servings of fruits and vegetables recommended by Canada’s Food Guide. For the sake of our country’s health that number has to change! CPMA’s nationwide ‘half your plate’ logo is an easy way to show Canadian’s how much produce you should be consuming.


To commemorate our 5th season, and powered by a burning desire to demonstrate the power of a diet rich on fruits and veggies – Freggie and a brave group of riders are filling our bellies up with them and riding from impressive Niagara Falls to Toronto. A 125km ride that will give us the chance to enjoy and showcase beautiful Ontario while contributing to our collective future.

In true Fresh Ride fashion, we will pit-stop for an after-school event with Freggie and the Kids. Instead of telling them to eat their fruits and veggies, the riders will show them what can be achieved if they lead healthy lifestyles.

100% of donations will go to the CPMA’s healthy-eating initiative for children, called the Freggie Friday in-school program.

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